Why Aren’t Antibiotics Over the Counter? Discover the Main Reasons

Why Aren't Antibiotics Over the Counter? Discover the Main Reasons

Many medicines require a prescription from a healthcare professional before a patient can access them. Antibiotics, drugs that fight bacterial infections, fall into this category. The decision to not make antibiotics available over the counter involves several critical considerations. Safety concerns, the risk of misuse, and the potential for developing antibiotic resistance are key factors. … Read more

Pediatrician vs. Family Doctor: Choosing the Best Primary Care for Your Loved Ones

Pediatrician Doctor Patient

Choosing the right healthcare provider for your children is a crucial decision that every parent faces. Pediatricians and family doctors both provide comprehensive medical care, but their scopes of practice and patient age ranges differ significantly. While pediatricians are dedicated to caring for children from infancy through adolescence, family doctors manage health care for individuals … Read more