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icn-providers About Our Team

Our medical staff prides themselves on seeking the right solution, not the easiest answer. That’s why experienced medical team members Dr. Vicki, Dr. Anna and NP Lisa always take a full 30 – 45 minutes during check ups. We want time to hear about all your questions and concerns and offer explanations you will understand.

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icn-about About the Practice

Fourth-generation-family doctor, Vicki Porges, MD, hung her grandfather’s shingle on the door of 36 N. Moore in 2006 and opened her practice with her belief that the best care results from knowing and understanding your patients. At Downtown Pediatrics, Dr. Vicki and colleagues strive everyday to provide world-class medical treatment to children from birth through adolescence.

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icn-booking Book an Appointment

Call us at 212-925-3636 or send us an email to make an appointment. On weekdays we open our doors at 9am and close at 5pm. We’re here on Wednesdays until 7pm—during the school year.

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Kristen Padulsky, CPNPDowntown Pediatrics is pleased to welcome Kristen Padulsky to our practice. Kristen is a certified pediatric nurse practitioner (CPNP) and has been working in the field of pediatric nursing since 2008. After completing her masters degree in Advanced Practice Nursing of Infants, Children and Adolescents at Boston College, she worked in pediatrics at the Floating Hospital for Children and at Boston Children’s Hospital. Most recently, Kristen worked with children in Dallas, TX before relocating to New York. Kristen has a special interest and experience in pediatric neurological issues. She is a local TriBeCa resident and is available to see patients four days a week in our office. We are excited to have her on our team.

Lisa Van Brunt, CPNP was an integral part of the team at Downtown Pediatrics for the last five years. Lisa and her family have moved out of the city and we wish her well in her next endeavor…


  • An experienced medical team that knows your family by face and by name

  • Rapid diagnostic testing for strep, flu, etc. plus blood testing on-site

  • Emphasis on preventative care as well as emotional and physical health

  • An individualized health plan for any recurrent health issues

  • Access to a panel of leading surgeons and specialists in NYC

  • Private and compassionate medical counseling for teens at risk