The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention make the following recommendation:
Because children aged 6–23 months are at substantially increased risk for influenza-related hospitalizations and because children aged 24–59 months are at increased risk for influenza-related clinic and emergency department visits, ACIP recommends vaccination of children aged 6–59 months. The current LAIV and inactivated influenza vaccines are not approved by FDA for use among children aged <6 months, the pediatric group at greatest risk for influenza-related complications. Vaccination of their household contacts and out-of-home caregivers also is recommended because it might decrease the probability of influenza virus infection among these children.
There are two options for immunization against the flu:
 All infants/children/adults > 6 months of age may receive the Fluzone shot.  Any individual between the ages of 5 and 49 years may receive the Flumist nasal spray, as long as they are NOT pregnant or breastfeeding.
If it is the first year your child is receiving influenza immunization, and they are less than 9 years of age, they will require a second dose 4-6 weeks later.
We will happily administer Flu vaccine to any qualifying adult (we have a simple health questionnaire) while supplies last.
There is a cost of $50 for Fluzone shots and Flumist nasal spray.
Please call for details